Cultural Mandate

John Eldredge states: “Adam and all his sons after him are given an incredible mission: rule and subdue, be fruitful and multiply. ‘Here is the entire earth Adam. Explore it, cultivate it, care for it – it is your kingdom…’ Talk about an invitation. This is a permission to do a heck of a lot more than cross the street. It’s a charter to find the equator; it’s a commission to build Camelot. Only Eden is a garden at that point; everything else is wild, so far as we know. No river has been charted, no ocean crossed, no mountain climbed. No one’s discovered the molecule, or fuel injection, or Beethoven’s Fifth. It’s a blank page, waiting to be written. A clean canvas, waiting to be painted.” Adam and Eve were called to take the raw and wonderful elements of God’s creation, develop their potential, and fill the entire earth with His glory and joy. They were to transform the untamed and untapped resources of nature into a social environment that would reveal the glory of God. They were to release the hidden potential of God’s creation. They were partners with God (Chapman, Restoring Broken Things). God put the planets in their orbits, makes the seasons come and go at the proper time, makes seeks grow and animals reproduce, but entrusts to mankind the tasks of making tools, doing justice, producing art, and pursuing scholarship (Wolters). Colson calls this a “cultural mandate.” Human beings have been able to accomplish many wonderful things, we’ve also made a mess of this cultural mandate. Our rule is a tarnished rule. We’ve been deformed by sin and Satan. We don’t run the world right. What we call “civilization” is a smoldering heap of violence constantly on the verge of bursting into flame. This is the true picture of the fallen human will (Willard, Renovation of the Heart: Putting on the Character of Christ).” God wants to redeem the fractured history of culture-making, through you the New Community, the former broken ones who have been called out of the mess and into the adventure of restoration. Imagine a world filled with redeemed artists, God-honoring scientists, principled lawyers, God-fearing construction workers, politicians who really serve the public, educators that explore God’s creative work, parents who love. It all starts in the New Community. The Adamic human race perverted and twisted the cosmos; the Christian human race restores and renews it! The church is to be a kingdom invasion into the brokenness and suffering of fallen creation, calling people out to restoration.


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