Restoration Refused – Hell

Clives Staples LewisWhile we are all broken people and need restored, there are some who persist in their brokenness. Wickedness and rebellion become their life-path. As it turns out, God’s wrath comes to rest on those who rebelliously persist in their brokenness. And according to Romans 1, when God’s anger reaches a level of wrath, it turns out that he doesn’t start punishing us. Rather, He stops. This is the ultimate wrath of God. He shows his wrath, but not by thrashing the persistently wicked. It’s worse. He shows it by abandoning us, leaving us all to ourselves. He let’s us have what we’ve always wanted – life totally separated from Him. Hell is something we choose; it’s not a place we are sent. C. S. Lewis has defined hell as a place where people have barricaded themselves in to keep God out. It’s locked on the inside by people who would rather reign in a hell of brokenness than reign in a restorative heaven. There are two kinds of people in the world: those who say to God “Thy will be done” and those to whom God will finally say “Thy will be done.” You can have utter and final brokenness in hell if you want it.


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