Fall in Love

The key that unlocks your chains, that removes your blindfold, is relationship. The secret to come out from hiding and to live for a greater pleasure is simply this: to fall in love. This relationship is superior to all others. I argue today that if the primary thing keeping you from running to the sins you love is the prospect of shame or of being exposed, you’ll never consistently beat it. Oh, these reasons may work for a while, but the relentless pursuit of the Evil One will eventually catch you and you’ll cave in. All of the good sense and logic and prohibitions against your sins will never work. Self-denial alone will not work. Something more is needed to energize our hearts toward what is right. That something more is a Someone. The fight against the sins we love is really a fight to stay satisfied with God (Storms, Pleasures Evermore: The Life-Changing Power of Enjoying God27) – to love the story that He has caught us up into.


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