What It’s Like Not to Know

Sometime ago, I was talking to someone who was raised in a family where the deep questions of life were really never answered. Where she came from, who made her, what she was placed here to do, what went wrong in the world, what happened in our world to make it what it is today, and how is it being fixed, and what I can do to help fix it – were all questions that were never answered for her. Now, picture this. God is never talked about. The Bible is just another dusty, ancient book. The church is irrelevant, talking about things that you don’t understand. Prayer is more like muttering to yourself than talking to Someone and everyone assumes that I should want more of this! We have to realize what it’s like not to know.

This young lady wrote me a letter. She writes: “Pastor Joey, Does it make me different, because I look at things different than others? Does it make me a bad person because I go to church, but don’t understand God? Am I doing the right thing by coming to church on Sunday’s even though I don’t understand? Why it it so important to have a leader like “God”? Why can’t we be our own leaders?… Why does it have to be a religion?… Please help me to understand God and what makes Him so special.”

That’s what is behind much of this blog. Let’s answer these questions in ways that people can understand.


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