A First Cause – Intelligent Design and Sacred Romance

Every star is an announcement. Each leaf a reminder. The glaciers are megaphones, the seasons are chapters, the clouds are banners. Nature is a song of many parts but one theme and one verse: The First Cause is at work.  A First Cause set our world into motion. This First Cause is throwing testimonies at us like fireworks, each one exploding with, “I am here. Don’t miss Me. I am more than impersonal force or cosmic energy.” The colors of an arboretum. The incandescent colors of sea life. The golden daybreak. The mountain vistas and glistening lakes. The human body with complex organs and eyeballs, and skin. The cellular information found in a single cell. Human beings who have personality and the capacity to recognize, write about, and photograph scenes of beauty like these, is this First Cause saying, “Do you like it? I did it just for you. You’re special. You live on a privileged planet. And oh, by the way, can we go on a date? I’ve got so much more to tell you about. I’ll never walk off and leave you here alone.” He loves us and speaks to us His love through what He has made. It all speaks of an Intelligent Designer. This First Cause wants to interact with us. Did it ever occur to you that this First Cause is romancing you with gift after gift after gift? (with appreciation to  Max Lucado for some of the phrasing in this post)


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