I Have Never Met a True Atheist or Agnostic

An atheist makes himself god when in self-will he affirms there is no God despite the evidence. An atheist is often one who refuses to investigate, to scrutinize, to ponder deeply, and to learn about God. I will live in ignorance. And many avowed atheists haven’t really thought through their choices.

Chuck Colson attended an exclusive VIP dinner several years ago. He said “The gentleman seated next to me greeted me with a blunt warning that he was an atheist. I looked at him for a moment – graying temples, a wise expression, handsomely attired – the very image of a community leader. I told him I was glad to sit next to him because ‘I’ve never really met an atheist.’ As his eyebrows arched, I explained, ‘An atheist believes the existence of God can be disproved. So please, tell me how you’ve done that.’ He looked momentarily uncomfortable. ‘Well, perhaps I should say I’m an agnostic.’ ‘When did you give up studying about God?’ I asked. Now his neck began to redden. He admitted he’d really never tried. ‘But an agnostic is one who says he doesn’t think God can be known, and you can only be an agnostic if you’ve tried to know Him and exhausted the search (The Faith: What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why It Matters,36).”



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5 responses to “I Have Never Met a True Atheist or Agnostic

  1. I’m afraid contrary to your post an atheist does not “believe the existence of God can be disproved”. It is impossible to prove the non existence of anything whether it be a God or a Unicorn.

    An atheist doesn’t believe in a God because of the lack of evidence for one or any of them.

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  2. But there is evidence that God exists, through natural revelation. The world (cosmos) argues for an Intelligent Designer, a First Cause. We can conclude from all that we see that it can be explained in one of 3 ways: naturalistic causes, accidental causes, or intelligent design. intelligent design I would argue is the best explanation; and upon closer investigation, the Intelligent Designer, is none other than the God talked about in the Bible.

    God cannot be disproved; his fingerprints are everywhere.

  3. How many atheists can you show me who actually claims that the existence of God can be disproven? Because I’ve been an atheist for years, and I’ve met two. Literally, two, in all that time.

    God’s fingerprints are imaginary – beyond a few of the teleological arguments, I have yet to see an argument for Intelligent Design in any form that was not based solely on scientific misunderstanding. Religious criticism of evolution certainly falls into that category.

  4. Henry Morris talks about the First Cause. Everything that exists is the result of a chain of events which has its root in some omnipotent First Cause. Furthermore, by studying the effects or all that we see around us, we can draw some implications about the First Cause. Simply put, says Morris “…Since the universe appears almost limitless in extent, the First Cause must be virtually infinite. Since the universe appears almost endless in duration, the First Cause must be virtually eternal. Since the universe pulsates with energy, the First Cause must be virtually omnipotent. Since the universe in phenomenally complex and contains intelligent life, the First Cause must be virtually omniscient. Since the universe (namely man) contains feeling and emotions and love and human relations, the First Cause must be personal. Since the universe contains goodness and righteousness and love and justice, the First Cause must be moral.”

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