My Apology

A – pol – o – gize
1.To make excuse for or regretful acknowledgment of a fault or offense (Yahoo Dictionary)

Christians have not been very loving and kind. I apologize for the Crusades. I apologize for the Inquisition. I apologize for neglecting the poor and lonely. I apologize for “Christian” parents who have abandoned their children. I apologize for television evangelist. I apologize for gospel tracts left on tables in place of a tip. I apologize for self-righteous churches. I apologize for nasty letters written in “God’s behalf.” I apologize for all those who have felt like somone’s “project”. I apologize for homophobia. I apologize for posing and faking and pretending and speaking “Christianeze” in order to hide behind my falsehood. I apologize for politicians who can never present the simple truth. I apologize for the media for distorting information to represent a bias. I apologize for lofty and distant bully pulpits. I apologize for “doing church” rather than “being the church.” I apologize for selfishness and greed and debt. I apologize for self-centeredness and me-firstism – for not speaking in your behalf. I apologize for consuming rather than serving. I apologize for apathy about things that should matter: like life, and clean water, and feeding the hungry, and enfolding the lonely in community. I apologize for excluding voices that should have been heard. I apologize for not appreciating your art, enjoying your movies, reading your poetry, engaging in your politics, listening to your music, visiting your sick, interacting with your books, touching your sculptures – in a way that opens up the door for relationship. This is my apology.


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