What is my life purpose?

I remember hearing of a young lady from Fremont, California who scored a perfect score on an SAT exam, a test often required of those who are planning on going to college. She never missed a question. And she also scored a perfect score on the rigorous University of California acceptance index. Some time later, they asked this intelligent, bright young lady, “What is the meaning of life?” She replied: “I have no idea.” With no disrespect intended for this gifted young lady, she is characteristic of her generation. Millions of young Americans have grown up in America and have been given material blessings, educational opportunities, fantastic medical care, entertainment visual affects, and yet we have failed to teach them who they are and what they’re put here to do.

Here’s the question I would like to ask John, and Barak, and CEO’s, and celebrities, and political figures, and religious leaders…

What do you think the purpose of life is?


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