The Search For Meaning – Answer with Your Life

Man’s Search for Meaning Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning, argued that no human being should ask what the meaning of life is, but must recognize that it is each of us who is asked, and we can only answer with our own lives. We do not question life, but rather life questions us. The responsibility to find and live a meaningful life requires that we commit to a worldview. You’ve got one shot at this deal called life. You are going to give yourself to something in life. All people give themselves to something. They give themselves to pleasure or possessions or popularity or bank accounts or power, but always to something. What is that great something going to be for you? If you are searching for a worldview on which to base your life, then I humbly submit the Christian worldview. In this worldview, that great something is actually a Someone and eventually He answers all our questions. But in the interim, He simply offers Himself as the answer to life’s purpose and meaning.


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