The Ten(der) Commandments?

God has given to us some boundaries that steer us away from the dangerous precipice and that help us to do relationships and life. And they are Ten(der) Boundaries. They are not harsh, nor are they unnecessarily restrictive. Some people know them as the Ten Commandments. But they are really the Ten(der) Commandments (to grab a line from Ron Mehl). In fact, it has been illustrated time and time again that we don’t break these Ten(der) Boundaries; they break us. When we break or violate them, we break a heart – God’s heart, and we break a life – our life. When we throw ourselves against them and the kind of life they advocate, our lives are shattered and our culture crumbles. When we ignore the boundaries we pay a price, and people we love pay a price, and people we don’t love pay a price. God gave us boundaries not to hurt us but to help us; not to hamper us but to release us; not to punish us but to protect us; not to nag but to enable us.


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