The Reluctant, Resisting Theist – “Checkmate”

Clives Staples LewisC.S. Lewis said he knew God was pursuing him. In his autobiography Surprised by Joy, Lewis piles up the metaphors to illustrate this. First, God was “the great Angler” playing his fish. God was a cat chasing him, the mouse. God was like a pack of hounds and he was the fox. Finally, God was the Divine Chessplayer and he was moving from square to square trying to avoid the divine “Checkmate.” Lewis said, “I was brought into the kingdom kicking, struggling, resentful…trying to find a way to escape.”

You may be kicking, struggling, looking for a chance to make another escape, but resist that urge. The steady, unrelenting approach of the One that you have so long avoided is not going away. Give up trying to escape from Him. Surrender to His embrace.


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