The “Unblinking Cosmic Stare” Smiled At Christmas

To use the words of Dallas Willard, to many people, God is like “an unblinking cosmic stare.” We pray and nothing happens. We suffer and God is silent – a cosmic, unblinking stare.

Well, Christmas changes all of that. Christmas shows to us that even though we can’t reach God, God has reached us. God is not just staring at us in bewilderment. And He reached us in the form of a baby.

One author (Philip Yancey) questions: “If Jesus came to reveal God to us, then what do I learn about God from that first Christmas?” He goes on to answer that question with a small list of one word associations.

Humble. The Maker of all things became a tiny cell barely visible to the naked eye and was finally born in a stable and laid in a feed trough.

Approachable. God didn’t want to frighten us so he set aside all that would scare us so that we would feel free to touch, to see, to converse with, to experience God. God can be enjoyed, not endured.

Underdog. An unwed mother, homeless, looking for shelter while traveling to meet heavy taxation demands by the government. There’s a place for the marginalized, the disenfranchised, the forgotten, the unemployed and the unemployable at Christmas.

Courageous. To come down here where He would meet a haughty, cruel world that would kill him and even deny that He existed years later, took courage. He did it without wavering, though in human flesh.

This “cosmic unblinking stare” has courageously entered human flesh so you and I can embrace him without fear, knowing that we have a place in his story – we are accepted by Him through Jesus. It was such a surprise! We didn’t expect to get such a “Yes” face from God. But thats what we got at Christmas. The Cosmic Unblinking Stare became a smile. True love… true love.


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