Yellow and Pink – A Children’s Book Gets Theism and Intelligent Design

In William Steig’s Yellow and Pink, a delightful picture book for children, two wooden figures wake up to find themselves lying on an old newspaper in the hot sun. One figure is painted yellow, the other pink.

Suddenly, Yellow sits up and asks, ‘Do you know what we’re doing here?’

‘No,’ replies Pink. ‘I don’t even remember getting here.’

So begins a debate between the two marionettes over the origin of their existence.

Pink surveys their well-formed features and concludes, ‘Someone must have made us.’

Yellow disagrees. ‘I say we’re an accident,’ and he outlines a hypothetical scenario of how it might have happened.

A branch might have broken off a tree and fallen on a sharp rock, splitting one end of the branch into two legs. Then the wind might have sent it tumbling down a hill until it was chipped and shaped. Perhaps a flash of lightning struck in such a way as to splinter the wood into arms and fingers. Eyes might have been formed by woodpeckers boring in the wood.

‘With enough time, a thousand, a million, maybe two and a half million years, lots of unusual things could happen,’ says Yellow. ‘Why not us?’

The two figures argue back and forth.

In the end, the discussion is cut off by the appearance of a man coming out of a nearby house. He strolls over to the marionettes, picks them up, and checks their paint.

‘Nice and dry,’ he comments, and tucking them under his arm, he heads back toward the house.

Peering out from under the man’s arm, Yellow whispers in Pink’s ear, ‘Who is this guy?’ (Colson, Charles, How Now Shall We Live? 97).

Every marionette or puppet has a maker. Everybody has a Creator. An Intelligent Designer is behind what we see; the work of an Artists’ hand is evident. Even a children’s book gets it. Our world is not the product of chance, or accident, but of intelligent design. I think I’ll stay “pink.”



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14 responses to “Yellow and Pink – A Children’s Book Gets Theism and Intelligent Design

  1. Partially-made marionettes do not reproduce and thus cannot be affected by natural selection. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Dan

    “Every marionette or puppet has a maker.”

    And, in contrast, everything living thing has parents. That kinda puts the “intelligent design” creationism nonsense to rest.

  3. It takes far greater “faith” to believe in accidental or naturalistic explanations for our origins. And atheism can’t produce a better explanation than theism – a substantiated explanation.

    Even many physicists admit that a “big bang” had to have initiated our cosmos. You are missing the obvious.

    Besides, its impossibe for a living cell to come from non-living matter.

    the only non-sense here is that many adults refuse to believe what is so obvious to the simplicity of a childs book.

    How could you possibly be yellow?

    I’ve posted extinsively on this…will not repeat those things here.

  4. Dan

    How old are you? 4? I thought you must’ve been a little old to prefer children’s books over science.

  5. Actually, i’m a little older than that, but 4 doesn’t sound too bad these days.

    And a little child shall lead them.

    love…true love…

  6. Dan

    Yes, you should be curious and trusting like a child, but knowledge is an important thing too, don’t you think?

    Or do you think that education is a sin?

  7. science and faith are complimentary.

    i’m huge on education… 3 degrees…

    i don’t think you really have any idea what i represent…

    education…a sin? are you serious…

    bring out another straw man so we can have some more fun…

    i get that all the time…but this time, you just have no idea…

    but, nevertheless…love…true love…

  8. Dan

    “science and faith are complimentary.”

    Fair enough. Now make me believe that you accept when science shows faith to be incorrect. Because you really seem like a person who thinks science is only correct when it doesn’t clash with your dearly held beliefs.

  9. Dan


    “education…a sin? are you serious…”

    Yes, I’m serious. Looking at your post above, I have to wonder what you have against education.

  10. I don’t think you and I are communicating very well Dan. this is not about education at all. In fact, I’ll learn from anyone. I don’t have all the answers. But I do have some answers (as a result of lifelong learning and academic pursuits).

    I don’t think you have any idea about my passion for education. Just put this to rest and save yourself some time.

    If you can answer the deeper questions of life: talk to me, I’m ready to listen. If you have a question about something, I’d love to engage the issues. But stop accusing me of something that’s totally not true. OK?

  11. Dan

    Maybe you support education, maybe you don’t. But you just got done writing a blog post about intelligent design. What the hell am I supposed to think?!

    If I wrote a post suggesting advertising a children’s book which “gets” alchemy’s superiority over modern chemistry, would you think that I supported education? Of course not.

  12. Education involves a little research at times. Read the other blog posts.

  13. Dan

    Okay, I looked around for other blog posts on education issues. Plenty about education of religion, which is all well and good if that’s something you want to learn about, but nothing about any other form of education.

    Using the Search-box on your sidebar to search for the term “education” comes up with only one hit, on “Your life’s purpose.” Hardly a post discussing education.

    I took the liberty of also searching for the term “science,” and got two hits, both focused on atheism. I’m flattered that you’re so interested in atheism, but sorry, that’s not science.

    So, as far as I can see, you have written not one single post on education or science per se.

    ‘Nuff said, perhaps?

  14. Ok then. We’re missing each other. I am writing about intelligent design (which is related) and about atheism. But science (though I read and file on this) has not been a huge priority and I have not written on education as a topic, but only reflected an educated view related to what I write about.

    Sorry about the misunderstanding.

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