Why are There so Many Atheism Blogs? – Part 2

The Image of God – Even in an Atheistic Blog

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Mankind is made in the image of God. What does this mean? Simply stated, we reflect our Creator.

Dorothy Sayers has questioned: “How then can [man] be said to resemble God? Is it his immortal soul, his rationality, his self-consciousness, his free will, or what, that gives him a claim to this rather startling distinction? A case may be argued for all these elements in the complex nature of man (The Whimsical… 114).” What she goes on to state is that we can observe God in Genesis 1 and begin to understand what or Who it is that we are reflecting. One of the things that stands out is our creativity. Like God, we love to create.

We love to write stories (even untrue ones reflect a bit of God’s image in us through the very fact that we are writing at all), produce movies (even immoral ones express some of God’s image as we tell a story we love), express poetry (even bad poetry indicates a measure of artistic expression), – you’re getting the picture now…

…We build buildings, create community, assemble machines, produce websites, explore the unknown, construct a great meal, and build a family with our spouse, and even write a blog. And even if that blog is atheistic – it still expresses God’s image.

We love to create! And what we create is not complete until it has been offered and shared with others in community. This is ironic for atheists, who proport that they don’t believe in God, but yet they reflect His image by bloging in community so much. They are expressing God’s image, even while they deny His existence.

By the way, these “reflective images” don’t sound like a machine to me for some reason? This is a living person we’re talking about here, shaped by God, not a collection of chemicals, or at one time cosmic garbage. These things we make are not distorted physical drives; they are expressions of God in us. It’s unique to human beings. (How many dogs do you see admiring a sunset in the evening?)

In Genesis, God said it was all good after the first week of creation, and then he told Adam and Eve, “Now, you guys keep this going. Keep creating and shaping, knowing and loving.”

To all people, including atheists, keep blogging! You are a reflection of the One you deny. But what do you say? Let’s polish His image, rather than tarnish it.


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