Legitimate God Questions + Cliche Answers = Atheist

Nancy Pearcey in her book Total Truth tells just a part of her story. She said she went to a church in her childhood that would never answer her questions. She had all these God Questions that she would ask, and what she got was a pat on the back and cliché statements like “Just pray about it” or “You’re just in a phase right now” or “Don’t worry, we all have doubts sometimes honey” or “Just get in the Word” or “Stop rebelling. You’re not supposed to ask questions like that!”

Since no one ever bothered to answer her deepest questions about why and how Christianity is true, she decided the best thing to do would be to reject the faith and to search out all other faith systems and that’s what she did. Several years later she encountered L’Abri in Switzerland, the residential ministry of Francis Schaeffer.

Writes Pearcey: “It was the first time I had ever encountered Christians who actually answered my questions – who gave reasons and arguments for the truth of Christianity instead of simply urging me to have faith (53).”

She recovered her faith. She writes: “No one can live without a sense of purpose or direction, a sense that his or her life has significance as part of a cosmic story. We may limp along for a while, extracting small installments of meaning from short-term goals like earning a degree, landing a job, getting married, establishing a family. But at some point, these temporal things fail to fulfill the deep hunger for eternity in the human spirit. For we were made for God, and every part of our personality is oriented toward relationship with Him. ‘Our hearts are restless, Augustine said, until we find our rest in Him’.”

But in the mean time, let’s give better answers; well thought-out, cohesive replies to those with God Questions, minus the cliches. Blogs like the De-Conversion blog is where people end up when we settle for pat answers and cliche responses.



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8 responses to “Legitimate God Questions + Cliche Answers = Atheist

  1. mikedavenport

    Great blog! I wrote a blog that works well with this one. I think another good thing to do is help them the find out for themselves. If we give them the wrong answer they might give up on God forever, but if they find out for themselves tthey will know for sure.

    I’d love to know what you think.


    The title is “Questioning God”

  2. Checked it out. Appreciate your authenticity and faith-walk. Things are meant to be questioned, especially God-questions. I too encourage people to bombard the Biblical text with questions because doubt is a first step to robust faith.

    And then, even beyond the Biblical text, God has written truth into all that He has made; answers are all around us.

    this blog is dedicated to “seeing” these answers and explaing why and how Christianity is true. This is a huge need. Catch the vision for it!

    If Christians don’t see the answers and articulate them well, who else is left to do it?

    Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior…
    and you, my brother…salt & light… tranform a culture… change a life…

  3. I am absolutely convinced that there is no “God” – for we simply are natural beings?


  4. scaryreasoner

    Eh, right. She believes not because there are reasons, but because she wants to. That’s what your blog posting essentially says, anyway. You admonish that good reasons should be given, but then give a quote basically saying “you can’t be happy until you believe!”

    That’s not a good reason, even if it were true, which it isn’t — not for people who’ve not been brainwashed to think it’s true anyway.

    Good job linking to http://de-conversion.com/ though. Another good site is http://ebonmusings.org/atheism/index.html#deconversion

  5. You can blame our falling away on not having heard good answers. The thing is, I find the answers you think are good to be cliche answers.

  6. There is nothing cliche about love….true love…

    Love has been expressed to humanity, but so many choose to reject it. That’s what this blog is about; how and why Christianity is true and the great lengths that love has gone to, in order to set us free.

    Love…true love… call it cliche if you want… I call it hope…

  7. aforcier


    On a previous page, you say that your pupose is define by “God”.

    Actually, your pupose is define by your thoughts.


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