Human Beings – Accidental, Coincidental, or Designed by an Intelligent Designer

Let’s say for a moment that there is a creature from another planet. And even though this creature is not a human being, he/she/it does have the ability to investigate, reason, analyze, love, appreciate beauty, and blush (By the way, these facts alone are enough to prove that we are made in the image of an Intelligent Designer. What other living creature has this ability?).

But for illustrations sake, a mechanical machine from another planet – whom we’ll call TOFU, discovers earth and finds living here, human beings. What would TOFU discover about human beings that would prove that they had to be designed by an Intelligent Designer? TOFU would discover that there is no way that the complex human system called man and woman, evolved over time to form this living human body.

You would have to conclude that at the cellular level, you have a very complex thing called DNA. One author has shared how that human DNA contains more organized information than the Encycolopedia Britannica. The languge of life is stored within it. The organism accesses the information that it needs from DNA so it can build some of it’s critical components. The DNA stores more information in a smaller space than the most advanced supercomputer on the planet. States one author: “300 different proteins, a source of sugars, nucleotides, amino acids, and fatty acids all placed together in working order.” Each cell is like a miniature factory town, humming with power plants, automated plants, and recycling centers. The nucleus houses the cellular library, where blueprints are copied and sent to the factories. These manufacture the immense array of products needed within the cell, with the processes all regulated by enzymes that function like stopwatches to ensure that everything is perfectly timed. The outside surface of the cell is regulated with sensors, gates, pumps that regulate traffic coming in and out. It’s like a complex train system where things are so precisely timed, that no crashes happen (Behe, summarized by Nancy Pearcey). And how does evolution know where to take us as humans? Who codes the new DNA? Each cell has a specified message (specified complexity). Think about what evolution would have you to believe. A simple single cell creature… spontaneously generated from primordial soup… the cell mutated and survived a very harsh natural environment… evolved into a species that could swim… then evolved into a species that could fly… all the while surviving while scales are not feathers and feathers are not scales… and gills are not lungs and lungs are not gills… finding food… avoiding predators… and self-assembling new DNA… and reproducing these mutated changes….etc…etc… DNA. Design or accident/coincidence?

You would have to conclude that all the reproductive parts of the male and of the female had to arrive simultaneously together, not over millions of years. Otherwise, every significant development in the male reproductive system would have had to been matched by a female development concurrently, a very unlikely scenario. If evolution is true, the fossil record should reveal millions of intermediate sexual beings and congenital freaks. Human genitals fit snugly together and always have. Everything about the act of fertilization is reciprocal. Design or accident/coincidence?

Every body function is controlled by the brain. If you need energy, the brain tells the stomach. If you need oxygen, the brain tells the lungs. If you drop in blood pressure, the brain tells the heart to beat faster. The body is covered all over with sensory receptors. It computes millions of computations with just a walk in the park: adjusting to temperature, sensing balance via the inner ear, and taking in audio/visual aids to compute a human response. But most of the brains work happens underneath conscious awareness: a heart that beats, every breath, an eye-blink when the eye is getting dry, light waves and sound waves, every moving joint or muscle – triggers physical, hormonal, and chemical responses that are handled by the brain automatically. It lets you know if something doesn’t taste right, or smell right, or look right, so the human can be freed to pay attention to other things. The brain regulates growth, the endocrine, respiratory, gastrointestinal, circulatory, musculoskeletal, and excretory systems, all of which fit together into a wonderfully designed, interactive living being. Design or accident/coincidence?

The eye is placed at the top of the head, and gives distance vision. We can also see where we’re going and what we’re touching. Both eyes are set back inside a bony protective socket, but they protrude enough for a wider plane of sight. The eyes are spheres so they can roll around easily. They are set just enough apart to allow for depth perception. Eyebrows protect from glare. Pupils dilate. Eyelids close during sleep and are thin to allow for an awakening at dawn. They water when irritated and wash out irritants. And only humans summon tears in profoundly sad times or extremely happy times. The eye is not a survival organ or a random mutation. There are a minimum number of parts that are necessarily for it to work. Irreducible complexity is an argument made in the discussion on evolution. This concept says that the origin of complex organs must be explained. How do you account for the complexity of the human eye? Some living mechanisms are too complex to arise by the short steps required by evolution. There are many things that evolution cannot explain. Irreducibly complex organs is one of them. The eye has more than two million working parts, and can discern a candle light from miles away. Several well-matched interacting parts contribute to basic function and if one part is removed, the whole part is jeopordized and in many cases ceases to function. What good is a retina by itself? Or ocular muscles and no lens. The eye is a package. Yet Darwin would assert that the eye could not come as a package; that the eye parts each must be useful in some way by itself and performing a function in order for it to evolve in small, incremental steps. Accident or Design?

The ear catches sound waves like a satellite. It converts it into electrical impulses and sends it to the brain for processing. Even as we age, the ear gets larger to offset the loss of hearing that comes with age. Inner and outer hair cells allow for fine-tuned hearing: cracks of a floorboard, a single instrument in an orchestra, and the sounds of someone breathing, and yet somehow, they tune out the blood splashing through our veins. Speech and sound would have had to evolve together in an evolutionary system. So, you would have had the simulataneous development of the vocal chords. Accident or design?

It’s really the brain that smells thousands of odors and millions of combinations. It impacts what we eat, when we make love, who just walked into the room, and when we should get out of the house. It filters dirty air and permits us to breath without having to have our mouths open. The nostrils point downward and are placed to receive aroma input, especially before ingesting. Accident or design?

The mouth does so much: speaking, tasting, communicating, kissing. The teach allows for consuming food. The tongue allows for taste and swallowing. It also senses texture, helps create an appetite, and aids in digestion. Accident or design?

Millions of sensory receptors line the human body. Touch tells us when our clothes are too tight or the water is too cold or a blister is developing on our heel. Touch provides comfort and closeness. Many areas are ready to fire off responses when touched – they are hyper-sensitive and chemicals are released when these places are stimulated. Accident or design?

Skin protects us. It is waterproof, antibacterial, elastic, and flexible, self-repairing, washable, and self-replaces. It makes us look better too. Accident or design?

Our “from another planet – called TOFU” creature will also recognize, upon further investigation, that humans are built for something more than just survival. Humans are overbuilt for the world. We just needed a stick and drum but we have orchestras and Beethoven. And Spielberg and Mozart, and Celine Deion and Einstein and Van Gogh. They take us far beyond mere survival, beyond “competition”. They celebrate each others accomplishments and paint murals to capture beauty and use body language to convey a message. They laugh at each other and write poetry about people and things they love. They are not just trying to “survive”; they are celebrating something – something called life. They can imagine things and display morals. They have a sense of pride in their work. They love to create great scultures or simply doodlings. The coordinate colors and textures and mimic people and animals. They smile and plan for the future. They set priorities and gather food. They dance and perform, write and create. They reason and teach complex ideas. They pray and worship and reach out to a Someone. They show facial expressions and feel regret. They seek justice and long for grace. They deceive and are embarrassed when caught. They remember and hope, taste and touch, see and hear, eat and digest, hold and make love.

And if this “from another planet – TOFU” creature would read the documents of Atheistic Man and Christian Theism Man, he/she/it would theorize that…

Humans are either…
a descendent of a tiny cell of primoridal protoplasm…an arbitrary product of time and place, chance and natural forces…a grab bag of atomic particles, genetic substance…who exists on a tiny planet in a minute solar system in a corner of a meaningless universe, only slightly different from a banana or an amoeba…coming from nothing and going no where…

Or humans are…
a special creation of a good and powerful Intelligent Designer… who made them in His image…with a unique capacity to think and feel and know things…set above all other life forms…to observe all of the rest of creation…discovering how a world works…all the while, engaging this Designer in relationship… encountering His love… and changing the world for the better… and fulfilling a God-given purpose, minus the suffering eventually…on a new earth…



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16 responses to “Human Beings – Accidental, Coincidental, or Designed by an Intelligent Designer

  1. Return of Tofu

    “a mechanical machine from another planet – whom we’ll call TOFU”

    How did you know my secret?

    Anyway, what exact qualifications are you using to determine something must have been “designed? Essentially your argument boils down to the fact that humans are complex and engage in social behaviour, but that doesn’t really get you anywhere.

    Complex things can arise from nature, due to the principle of emergence. On the flip-side, very simple objects (the wheel, the spear, the lever) can be designed. Complexity is not a sign of design.

    I’m not sure where you’re going with the social behaviour thing. Acting in groups has tremendous survival value.

    Art and such is a byproduct of the way our mind works- it’s very good at detecting patterns, and we derive pleasure from recognizing patterns. Art also has value as a means of communication.

    I’ve also never heard of a designed object that made art or celebrated life in the way you describe. Why do you feel this is a trait of a designed thing?

    I’m disappointed that you brought up irreducible complexity again. As I explained in your other thread, the eye is not irreducibly complex. We’ve found eyes in nature that are of various complexity, including some that are just light sensitive cells in a “pit.” Half an eye is indeed much more useful than no eye at all.

  2. The human body as a whole points to intelligent design. In addition, desire, beauty, and longing are whispers within, indicating another world.

    The desire for food for example, presupposes that food exists and can be consumed. The desire for another world, a place of beauty, presupposes that one exists. Human beings are preoccupied with this coming world and they also love to capture what they think this world might be like, by creating art in this present world.

    Humans are “overbuilt” to be an evolutionary product, going beyond mere materialism and probing spirituality.

  3. Return of Tofu

    That didn’t answer any of the questions in my post.

  4. Raj

    A warm Hello!

    A simple question, which I am not able to understand…Why did Jesus came on this Earth? Why he had to suffer? Why do we say that Christ took away all our sins? Is it true?

    Hope you will answer.

  5. shamelesslyatheist

    Such a civilization would surely be more than advanced enough to have already discovered that they themselves were a product of evolution on their own planet.

  6. This idea that the fossil records should show an abundance of evidence of “congenital freaks” and other organisms that could not survive ignores the place where most of the changes take place: the DNA. With every reproduction a few thousand genes are added. Only so many are active–about ten to fifteen percent for all of the DNA in your cells. When nature selects for certain traits (i.e., a species only survives because of particular adaptations) the genes that are active along with those traits are the ones that survive. Members of that species still have genetic variation, but some of that variation has been lost if the species became more specialized. The remainder of the species will manifest different traits as the old variations are filtered out of the population, and new genes become active. What I’m trying to say is that you’re not going to see some weird hybrid organism in the fossil record, most likely, because different adaptations bring about changes over the entire organism’s body.

    Reference experiments done with the breeding of omega foxes. When they are allowed to breed, certain traits began to be expressed that are drowned out by the dominant genes of the alpha members of the species. Say you breed for floppy ears. Shorter snouts, curly tails, and different fur colors come along with the change (for example; I am only recalling the Russian experiments with foxes off the top of my head). For a well-expressed example, look at dog breeds. All of them came from wolves, but if you look at a chihuahua, would you ever have guessed? Maybe if you look at a Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamut, you’d think they were closely related, but some dog breeds are so far apart from wolves in looks that it’s hard to believe they all have a common ancestor–that we artificially selected for the traits we desired in their domestication. Pugs came from wolves? Yeah, they did.

    The eye has certain parts that would cause the entire thing to stop functioning if they were missing–and parts do fail, but to say that every part is needed is ridiculous. Color-blind people function fine without the cones. A lack of rods will cause night blindness and poor peripheral vision, but your eye can function without them. Simpler eyes are found in nature. The simplest predecessor to our eye simply reacts to light. Then there are eyes that only see in certain colors. You’re never going to see the evidence for failed eyes in the fossil record, because eyes don’t fossilize.

    An evolutionary biologist can probably tell you why we cry. I can’t.

    Did you really say that the eye is not a survival organ? Was that a mistake or a misunderstanding on my part? How could our ancestors have hunted without eyes or gathered?

    If you are proposing that every species on this planet came from special creation by an intelligent designer (and a single one, not a group of them, apparently), then can you explain what sort of deranged creator would product parasites that cause harm to their hosts? Can you explain bacteria and viruses that kill millions of African children every year? What sort of intelligence would be behind those things?

    Intelligent design proponents always talk about our bodies as if they are so perfect, when in reality, they are only so efficient (forty percent is the number I hear most often regarding our bodies converting food to energy), parts break down all the time, and the female body works very hard to reject fertilized eggs at the very beginning of every pregnancy. About one-third of embryos never even attach. Life is a struggle; we just don’t feel it as much because we’re used to civilization and can’t imagine living any other way. Our ancestors had to fight every day for their survival against competing predators, scarcity of resources, and simple things like infection from cuts.

    Anyone who has taken a chemistry course should be able to attest to how complex things can become from reactions that happen in nature. Simplicity is the mark of design, not complexity.

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  8. aforcier

    hi joey, how are you?

    the “believer” asks “who”?
    the “naturalist” asks “how”?

    the first sees time as linear. creation began at a fixed date in the distant past… and is still going on.

    the second sees the moment, the now as the beginning, the middle, and the end.

    one: needs an originating creator.
    two: all are creators. the origin is the now.

  9. Hi Raj.

    Jesus came to this earth because we needed rescued and He loved us.

    He had to suffer because we (humans) chose to rebel against the God that created us. Justice demands that things be balanced and atoned for. Love demands that we not be forsaken, but pursued by the God who made us. In Jesus, we have One who satisfied what Justice demands. We also have One who moved us out of the “courtroom” of justice, into the “family room” of relationship.

    When One who has known no treachery or sin freely offers Himself in bahalf of another (who does know/commit sin), then death itself must turn backwards and life and love wins!

    Yes, it’s true. Christ atoned for your sins and mine. You’ve been set free. Life has come. Now, live in light of it. The question is not “what must I do?” to have life. It is “what has already been done?” that provides me with life. Jesus did what was necessary to reconcile you with God. New life has come when Christ enters your life.

    If you would like to do that, allow me to be the first to welcome you into God’s forever family. Welcome home!

  10. Greg R: The entire human body, when analyzed as a whole demonstrates irreducible complexity. Not that things cannot be simple. They can and are. But as a whole, the human body is very complex. And yes, we live in a fallen world, so there is no part of creation that is untouched from the Fall. The human body is a marvelous creation of God, but it’s a “fallen” human body in a world with “infections” etc…that seek to destroy the host. Life is a struggle because of the Fall.

    Life is fragile on one hand and can be taken in an instant and it is robust on the other and can miraculously find ways to route blood-flow for example, in order to sustain life.

    Behind this, is programed DNA that nature is not smart-enought to code it. The presence of the code indicates a “Programmer.”

  11. Return of Tofu

    “The entire human body, when analyzed as a whole demonstrates irreducible complexity. Not that things cannot be simple. They can and are. But as a whole, the human body is very complex.”

    Can we please agree that complexity does not equal design? It’s a useless argument.

    There are several ways that evolution can account for “irreducible complexity.”

    The main one is that it’s possible for a non-necessary part to be added, and only later become necessary.

  12. aforcier


    are you trying to give me a heart attack? the sin thing concerning raj. wow! what’s gotten over you?

    raj… run. while you are still free (if you are). a perfect “deity” cannot be sinned against. impossible. if the so called creator of the universe is not happy with the way you are, or think… it’s his problem. tell him to get a life. go create a world. solve the economic mess we’re in
    (a mess created by our lack of understanding of what we are doing on earth… and with earth.)

    it is humans who want to mold you according to their specifications. religion with its morality and “sin” will try to denaturalize your mind, body, and soul. it cannot be done. you do not sin. the way you are is the way of the universe. it is the way of creation.

    you are designed intelligently. you just need to dig a little deeper to find out who you really are.

  13. aforcier, the goodnews for raj can’t possibly be that scary, can it? Besides, it’s about a Person. While a tree will provide shade or asthetic appeal or oxygen or food, it will not love raj. While a stream may give him something to drink or bathe him, it will not satisfy the quench of his soul. While the sun may light his day, it will not hold his hand. While the log may be a place for him to sit, it will not give insight into what he should do when he gets up. Nature is not the answer for raj.

    Raj, nature is a cosmic cathedral, and earth is the observation point from which we observe all that God made. Nature is God’s workshop. The sky is His resume, stars His sky-jewelry, the earth but a room in His Solar Mansion. It’s God waving hello. But don’t mistake nature for God; it will never love you like God does.

    Raj, if there’s good news, don’t run away from it; run toward it. aforcier and many others will be competing voices.

  14. aforcier

    well joey, you’re turning into a naturalist. better than talking about hell.

    about raj. he’s his own person. (he wrote to you, not to me)(apologies)

    to add a few words about nature. nature is a place where we humans have an opportunity to be “one” with the multitude of forms.

    we are not above or below any of them.

    you say that a tree cannot love. what is love? love is an expression of the greatest force in nature: life. a tree is alive. and it is given to the human mind to perceive that life emanating from the tree, or from a stream of water, or from a rock.

    it is our great misfortune to walk or sit in our common source, as if in a cathedral, waiting for “goddo”.

    next time you go into a forest. say nothing. think nothing. just be.

    and thank you for being there.

  15. Always appreciate your comment and your worldview is unlike any I’ve encoutered anywhere else; but novelty doesn’t equal truth.

    I’m a naturalist in many ways – nature is a “manuscript” from God, a book we can all read and encounter Him through it. Nature will never be an end in and of itself though.

  16. aforcier

    well joey, i’ll just go back to my amoeba soup!

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