Lesser Known Arguments for God’s Existence

There are primary arguments for God’s existence, such as the Cosmological (First Cause) Argument, the Teleological (Design) Argument, and the Moral (Conscience) Argument. But are there others?

While there are many lines along which a person may argue for the existence of God, here are a few secondary arguments that tend to work on a quiet street of our thinking.

“I believe because it is absurd.”
This was proposed by a follower of Christ several centuries back. When considering the notion that man made-up or created the Christian religion, he asserts that we couldn’t or wouldn’t have created it like it is. We would not have demanded the perfection or righteousness requirements that God demands of human beings. We would have been much easier on ourselves, and softened the requirements. We would not have demanded such a high moral life if we had authored our own religion. That’s absurd – to set a standard that no one could reach as our religion. Man would never create that kind of belief system; it’s absurd. Besides, it doesn’t make sense for a Jew to claim to be God in a purely Monotheistic Judaism. It’s absurd for us to think that mankind created his own religion. If we were to make up our own god, why would we create one with such harsh discipleship and self-sacrifice demands? Why have God creating imperfect people then punishing them for imperfection? It doesn’t make sense – if humans created this religion.

“The universe is expanding.”
This comes straight from Einstein (General Relativity). The universe is expanding from a single point in the past. The universe is not eternal, but had a beginning. This means that something or Someone caused it. It presupposes a force strong enough to create such an explosion of existence, that continues to move away from us. As the components of the universe get farther away, gravity becomes progressively weaker in its ability to slow down the expansion. Humans are living in a “window of opportunity” to observe the past. Eventually, the past will be beyond our reach, with things moving faster than the velocity of light. But for now, human life seems to be placed here at just the right time to access the information needed to answer the question of God and our origins.

“It’s so beautiful.”
The presence of gratuituous beauty argues for God’s existence. The world has an abundance of beauty that reaches far beyond mere utilitarian purposes. It’s simply there because Someone is expressing themselves and has endowed a created human being to have the presence of mind to capture it in art and other forms.

“That’s not fair.”
The only way that statement can be made is for some standard of fairness to exist that we can compare it too. While the Moral Argument addresses this in full, it is sufficient to say that you can’t know what’s unfair until you know what’s fair. How did you get this idea of fairness?

“I’m always longing for something more.”
In reaching out and desiring more, people demonstrate that something more exists; it presupposes that a something or Someone can meet that longing, much like a person who is hungry presupposes the existence of food.

“God damn it!”
The idea of God is the highest thing we can conceive of. It’s the logical ends of our speculations. We couldn’t even conceive of God unless He had given us the ability to do so, even in profanity.



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7 responses to “Lesser Known Arguments for God’s Existence

  1. aforcier

    joey, just wanted to say hello.

    and one comment: the universe is expanding… is it expanding like a balloon, or a deep breath, or like a seed planted in the ground… what is on the other side of our universe… a child holding onto the balloon, a red faced santa claus taking a deep breath… and where, oh… where is that seed from?


  2. It’s known as “dark energy.” Gravity has slowed down the expansion of the Cosmos after the initial “Big Bang”. Initially, the universe expanded at a decelerating rate. As the components of the universe gradually spread apart, however, gravity has become progressively weaker to slow down the expansion. As a result, the expansion will now accelerate, which means it will not contract or rebound.

    It’s not so much “whats on the other side?” as it is God within what is already here, while He himself is distinct from it. He exists in a dimension that we cannot empirically know, but will some day.

  3. aforcier


    it is “known”?

    most believers think that their god sits on the other side of the universe checking things out, creating, hurling terror, having fits of jalousy, killing one, saving the other… now you say that it is dark energy. by jove, i think it fits… a dark soul this god of yours.

    or, is it the devil? the evil one? hum….

    or, is dark energy a religious person committing a sin? but that would make sin, the energy upon which the world rests. hey! there’s the proof that you are all sinners…

    on a “light” note: joey, i still love your blogs. want to know why? because, when all is said and done, i don’t think that you are a dark soul… but a “light”er one.


  4. That I am a sinner, no one could deny.

    The Cosmos has been impacted by darkness as well, but will eventually be restored.

    As will I.

  5. aforcier

    well i guess i cannot convert you!


    it’s spring time on earth. light abounds. (yes fall and winter will comeback. but for the moment you can walk in the light.

    and sin is too childish to be conceived by an all mighty divinity. i am quiete certain that you do not have the ability to overpower god’s will to master his own feelings. i am sure he is old enough to not have his feathers ruffled by my friend joey.

    so live well and with peace in your heart.


  6. AScientist

    A couple notes…

    As the universe progresses to the later stages of its expansion, matter will NEVER achieve a velocity beyond that of light. In fact, as matter approaches closer and closer to the speed of light its properties become so that it is nearly indistinguishable from light itself.

    Your claims on the initial interaction of matter and gravity after the big bang are based on theory – not observation or empirically derived fact. The existence of dark matter itself (and dark energy) is in fact just an explanation to plug the gap between observation and theory. Careful on your espousing of the “facts” lest you succomb to the same error as the evolutionists.

  7. The whole idea of an expanding universe fascinates me. With appreciation for your insight.

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