Atheists: Don’t Fear God’s Intervention | Fear His Non-Intervention

God’s wrath as revealed in Romans 1 is not so much about intervention with some cataclysmic event of judgment, but about God’s non-intervention. God who honors human freewill, will eventually hand people over to their chosen path or belief or sexual preferences or lifestyles. He allows you to have your addictions, your worldviews, your atheism and the emptiness that comes with it. Pay attention to the three italicized phrases in verses 24, 26, and 28 of Romans 1.

Romans 1:24 says “Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen. 26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion. 28 Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.

Three times Paul underscores the non-intervention of God. God doesn’t zap with wrath or bully them into doing things His way. He simply lets them have what they want in full measure.

The ultimate wrath of God is when you are so belligerent and stubborn, that God says, “OK, have it your way.” God gives you over to your beliefs or non-belief (in the case of atheism), hoping that the emptiness of it all will turn you back to Him. Many people fear the intervention of God and His punishment. But our greatest concern is the non-intervention of God and living with the life that will inevitably result from such a path taken.

A philospher once opined that when we reject truth and God, we will do one of two things: we will play god over our lives and we will live for the gratification of our senses.

We all have tried living life this way, but especially the atheist. The atheists plays god (by asserting there is no God) and having removed God and any higher purpose for living life associated with this belief, they live for the gratification of their senses. And God says, “You can do it. I’ll give you what you want.” God doesn’t have to punish us or the atheist. The pleasures that we live for punish us. Our sins punish us.

Our problem (not just atheists, but all of us) is that we want independence, total freedom from any deity, even if that deity loves us and we find Him and his ways abhorrent and objectionable. Therefore, we start playing God. You say, “I don’t want anybody telling me what’s right and what’s wrong, I want to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. I want to call my own shots. I want to make my own rules. I want to put myself at the center of the universe. I want to be my own boss, live my own way, and if it feels good, do it. I don’t want anybody telling me what to do with my life.” That’s called playing God and wanting to be at the center of my universe.

When the bottom falls out, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally—what often happens is that God just has to step back and let us feel the full impact of our own stupid decisions. “You want to be God? O.K. You be God.” And He’ll just step back and let you be God (Romans 1) because God always honors free will. It’s not something that He enjoys in some kind of sadistic way. He just lets you have what you want. He allows you to be god and to have your pleasures.

Be careful about persisting for something that you think you want. The worst thing that could happen is that God just might give you over to it and you and I will have to live with the consequences of our own decisions.

And to my atheist friends: if you don’t want God in your life, you can have it your way. God will allow you to do it. But in the end, when your views have been pushed to their logical conclusions and life has been shattered by your non-belief, it will be one time in your life when you will wish that you never got what you wanted.



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13 responses to “Atheists: Don’t Fear God’s Intervention | Fear His Non-Intervention

  1. Godless American

    Fear Santa’s intervention? Why?

  2. Santa’s attributes and ability to intervene are far less than what we know about God.

  3. aforcier

    joey, you drank a whole bottle of “fear” juice, my good fellow.

    i don’t walk about thinking that i am a god… nor that i am an atheist. i walk as a human being.

    your problem is that you do not understand nature. you are rebellious. you want nature to submit to your vision of what nature should be. you have become the god of punishment to those who do not subscribe to your ways.

    you quote the words of a god. but it is the words of a human that reach my hears. my heart. and my soul. you speak of a god… it is not the god who attack me… it is you.

    then you have this thing about homosexuality… you do not understand their acts… their ways… but you judge… and how how much you want to punish… and punish… and punish.

    you are the grand judge and the grand punisher. but you punish in ignorance. in ignorance that others are not you. can you imagine if apple trees would suddenly wage war on pear trees… because they are not like them? That they taste better. and how wrong you are for not tasting the same?

    what creates much unhappines in your soul is your lack of connection with what and “who” is different from you. you look in disgust at homosexuals, at atheist, at nature, at those who make decisions for themselves, at those who claim freedom, at (don’t fit in my field of vision) world views.

    take a deep breath, my human friend. we all live on this earth together.

    my life is not empty. it has its ups. it has its downs. it has moments of joy. moments of sadness. elation. and anger. i am human.

    and you too are human. i don’t agree with your world views, with your inflexible judgements, with your penchant for punishment, with your disgust of nature…

    people are the way they are. nature builds and accepts you, i , and them.

  4. Godless American

    I’m not sure about that Joey, there’s a lot of books about Santa.

    To be clear, which god are you talking about?

  5. You should fear the non-intervention of Optimus Prime! For without Optimus Prime and his everlasting wisdom, we would be truly lost!

  6. I don’t detest people nor do I live in fear. What I realize is that unless I own “my mess” and get real with my inward attitude that says “I will not surrender to One greater than I; I find Him objectionable” then that leaves me one choice for a god – ME. I “play” god and you “play” god, even though we are not.

    Our egocentric anti-God attitude seeks to play God, use God, fool God, and fight God at the same time. The terrifying truth is that we are not morally neutral. We have a twist of selfishness in our natures. We have inborn tendencies to do the wrong thing. We are born into a world where rebellion against God has already taken place, and the drift of it sweeps us along, impacting our very hearts. People, left to their own devices, with the assurance that they would never be caught or held accountable will more often choose what is wrong than what is right. We are drawn to evil; without powerful intervention we will choose it (Colson, Questions, 26).

    In the case of this post, God’s greatest intervention is actually a “non-intervention” method. He gives you what you want and lets you live with it. You don’t want God. You want nature, you want Santa Claus, you want Optimus Prime. Therefore, you shall have it. But don’t complain, and wonder why you can’t answer the deeper questions of life. You’ll never find it in any of these “god-substitutes”.

    The Bible is very real with that and it’s bad news before it’s good news. It’s bad news because we are sinners, to use a word that’s not in vogue. We are posers, fakes, and wannabees who pretend, hide, cover-up, and manage our image. We are selfish to the core. The Gospel is real with that. But the good news, if you can imagine this, we are loved despite our cover-up and pretensions; cherished even and bled for. When we turn to Christ, His righteousness is credited to our account and a process of restoration begins in His power.

    But this is usually something that happens after we have experienced the “non-intervention” of God. We bottom out or we see the utter shallowness of our worldview or our family falls apart or the authoritative sources that indicate the reasonablness of the existence of God are finally heard. We finally own that we’ve been playing god and God has allowed us to have what we thought we wanted; yet all we have left are the pieces of a broken life.

    I know whereof I speak gentlemen. While human beings know there is a God (an innate awareness of God), they seek to dodge their moral accountability to Him. We may pretend to seek the truth because it makes people listen to us and read our books. But all the while, we’re hiding, and using philosophy to hide from the truth.

    Paul can go any direction he wants in Romans 1, but he chooses to illustrate his point of a persistently stubborn sinful human nature in one key area – our sexual behavior and morals. If there is any area where people play god the most, it’s in the area of our sexuality. God says sex is sacred and something that cements two people together. We say sex is recreational and like duct-tape, we peel and stick, peel and stick, peel and stick to so many people that eventually we don’t stick to anyone anymore and God’s gift of sex is devalued.

    Nevermind what all the statistics indicate about the lives of homosexuals or lesbians, that the drug use rate is much higher and the life much more harsh on the body. Paul has it right. We are rebels who will even die for our addictions. Sex becomes depersonalized, people become objects, and partners are consumed. No one is being bigoted here and I would hope that if any of you struggle with same sex attraction, you will find help and grace. No one is denouncing anyone’s desire for sexual connection. But homosexuality is contrary to God’s design, the natural order. For Paul, it is the most obvious example of defying the self-evident created order. Stand a naked man and woman together and you can see how God designed us. Human anatomy makes its own case.

  7. aforcier

    joey, it’s early in the morning. i’m going to have a bowl of earthly natural blueberry, cream, with a touch of maple sirrop and comeback to you.

    holy optimus prime, that wz goood!

    but there was a few immoral blueberries… they had faltered, sinned… and were dying. (no divine salvation… they landed in the trash can.)

    lets face it, joey. you are the one with the god problem. your the one playing god. you are the one who speak for god… you are the dark god.

    what is it? because existence has lows… there is a god? because our lives at times encounters difficulties, losses, falling friendships, love’s on the rock etc..etc… there is a god?

    like a bluebery plant (may as well use my blueberries as an example… you would quote romans 77.77.01xz – i quote nature, for it is where i live), some blueberries are just beginning to bloom, others have life in their sails, and others… the end is near.

    it is the same with all natural forms.
    get over it. learn from it.

    we are born. we live. we die. but that game is not linear. it intertwines and repeats and underwrites every instant, our days, our relationships, our financial transactions, our feelings, our body… at times we die, at times we live, at times we are born.

  8. aforcier

    joey, i forgot.

    about sexuality… homosexuality…the desires of the flesh.

    paul may say whatever he wants. but in its roots…it is nature that creates “sex” and its accompanying desires. there is absolutely nothing – unatural – in nature. no dream. no though. no act. period.

  9. Hope you enjoyed the cereal this morning.

    I am not speaking for anyone. I am merely listening and repeating what I hear/read/see.

    Nature is not the end in itself. If you think it is, you have missed the One who is whispering through it.

    Animals merely obey their sexual instincts. But we are not animals. We are made in the image of God with innate moral aptittude. We don’t just mate and move on. It means something. And when we humans define our own sexual mores, we do unnatural things, like mate with horses, with the same sex, with children, need I say more… and feel justified in doing so. Nature is natural. But human consciousness goes behind mere animalistic behavior.

  10. aforcier

    human consciousness is 100% natural.

    each and every particule of your being is 100% natural.
    you were born in nature, live in nature, and will die in nature.

    nature accepts 100% of its forms… at 100% of the way they are… at 100% of the time. and all forms contain 100% of all of nature forces, powers, laws…

    what you reject so vehemently… is yourself.

  11. jamesatracy

    My life is just fine, thank you very much. Living as an atheist does not mean putting oneself at the center of the universe. Naturally, we have to live with other human beings, too, and get along with them as well. If you need a belief in God to feel like being good then I feel sorry for you.

  12. And you shall have it… a “just fine” life, absent God. You can enjoy your friends, do good things, live a productive life… And keep God completely out of it and He in love allows it. But He will woo you James… Perhaps, at some point, all the blessings you enjoy will be seen as derivative – deriving from a source of goodness beyond yourself and your ability to create.

    God does not immediately intervene to stop us from living the lives we choose, even if contrary to what He wants. Neither does He immediately reward those who live a God-honoring life. God’s non-intervention is about God allowing us room to choose, to make up our minds, to either include or exclude Him from our lives. And each choice simply rolls into other choices that confirms the trajectory of our lives. That’s what the doctrines of heaven and hell are about – free choice honored to the very end.

    No one said anything about needing a belief in God to be good. The question is: is there any true goodness at all if there is no God. I think not. All goodness is derivitative. We just rearrange the pieces.

  13. Quite the contrary aforcier. I accept myself. I am both natural (physical) and spiritual. “Man shall not live by bread alone.” We are more than just physical, natural beings. There is a spiritual dimension to human personality. I accept this. You do not. Therefore, you are actually the one who is rejecting your “true” self – your humanity.

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