Is Evolution On Its Way Out? | All Major Evolutionary Pillars Have Collapsed

Evolution simply asserts that the entire cosmos is made up of nothing but matter. It asserts that if you have matter, enough time, and some chance, that this would explain how things came to be. All of life (living cells) arose spontaneously from inanimate matter. But all pillars that have been used to argue this point have collapsed.

Darwins “tree of life” indicated that you would get a branching pattern if all things evolved from a common ancestor. Things were not created separately. All that was needed was matter, time, and chance. If this was the case, you would expect thousands of intermediate life forms, yet they have not been found. Things appear in the fossil record as fully formed. No transitional representations are there. In the Cambrian Explosion, however many millions of years ago you want to estimate this, life just exploded in the fossil record. Animals and organisms were fully formed.

Darwin was a man of his time. He only had limited access to cellular information. Some have called the cell “Darwins Black Box” (Behe). Darwin and others knew the information was there, but they didn’t have the know-how nor the technology to evaluate it’s contents. DNA alone is enough to totally destroy evolutionary theory. No random process would ever produce this kind of complexity.

I won’t waste your time on the faked Haeckel’s embryo drawings nor the fabricated Peppered Moth (that still appears in some texts books). And Darwins yellow finches (that supposedly developed tougher beaks in a drought) were simply micro-evolutionary (small changes within a species which is reasonable; as opposed to macro-evolution which is one species evolving into another species – something totally unfounded) changes. What they don’t tell you is about the beaks on these little finches; the average beak size went back to normal after the drought was over.

Dr. Karl Popper said that evolution is not a fact nor is it even a theory. It’s not even scientific! In true science, every scientific hypothesis must be able to be proved wrong. Evolution cannot be falsified. In fact, good science and the law of thermodynamics has things continually becoming more and more disorganized. How does evolution go the other way? Exactly. It’s not even science. In fact, its more of a world religion, with academia serving as it’s priests.

It’s over. There is no longer a viable alternative. God exists. He is the Author of life. And contrary to Dawkins, it’s not even possible now to be an intellectually satisfied atheist because the evolutionary pillars have collapsed. Evolution is on its way out. The only reason it remains more than a vestige, a remnant from the past, is because it is the best hope for naturalistic atheists. Without it, the naturalist is left with nothing but the absurd. Abandon this false idealology. Don’t be caught in the rubble. Make way for a newer, yet more accurate, Intelligent Designer movement, that simply verifies what Christian Theists have been asserting all along.

Humans are not…a descendent of a tiny cell of primordial protoplasm…an arbitrary product of time and place, chance and natural forces…a grab bag of atomic particles, genetic substance…who exists on a tiny planet in a minute solar system in a corner of a meaningless universe, only slightly different from a banana or an amoeba…coming from nothing and going no where…

But humans are…a special creation of a good and powerful Intelligent Designer… who made them in His image…with a unique capacity to think and feel and know things…set above all other life forms…to observe all of the rest of creation…discovering how a world works…all the while, engaging this Designer in relationship… encountering His love… and changing the world for the better… and fulfilling a God-given purpose, minus the suffering eventually…on a new earth…

This is a worldview that will never collapse.



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9 responses to “Is Evolution On Its Way Out? | All Major Evolutionary Pillars Have Collapsed

  1. Steve Crane

    I have tried to understand our world for quite a while now. Ok, since I was born. The Journey, it is what we do.
    But, I hit a road block when it came to why people believe what they believe. Self-deception was something, not a road block, but a side road to be explored next. Your above comments ignore a lot of facts or you simply haven’t bothered to dig to deeply into what has been discovered. If reality does not support your theory, you cannot and will not see it. Granted you have to have a theory first, and you do have your own theory of life.
    Darwin, I had read, was walking thru a mountain area looking for fossils, it was littered with the remnants of a glacier; scored rock, moraines. But, he could not see or understand what he was seeing. Until, he was given a theory of why, then it was obvious…he could see the ice moving across the land.
    Don’t be afraid of reality. Humans tend to construct theories giving meaning to their lives, but there is a courage in studying reality and applying a more realistic theory. For me, understanding is the spiritual journey. It is the spark of imagination that thrills and gives meaning to my life…
    I love your last paragraph. You have a vision not unlike mine. Reality is hard, but you and I have a vision to understand it, this understanding gives us a basis and a vision to change our lives for the better. Accepting what is, does not negate your vision of love and justice in the world.

    Humans have a unique capacity to think and feel and know things, to observe all creation, discovering how our world works, engaging the mystery, finding and giving love. This is our reality. We give ourselves meaning and with meaning, a vision. A vision of a better world.
    better than God, if you will, made it.

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  3. “Evolution simply asserts that the entire cosmos is made up of nothing but matter.”

    Um, no it doesn’t. It doesn’t speak on such a matter at all. To start an article with such an incredible falsehood rather destroys the credibility of anything that follows.

    “If this was the case, you would expect thousands of intermediate life forms, yet they have not been found.”

    A large number of transitional forms have been found. It could even be quite easily argued that every form of life we find is transitional. Please stop bringing up statements that speak of nothing but ignorance on the subject of science.

    “In true science, every scientific hypothesis must be able to be proved wrong. Evolution cannot be falsified.”

    Of course it can. ‘Rabbit fossils in the Pre-Cambrian’.

    I suggest you actually do some research into scientific subject matters before you even attempt to speak on them; otherwise you’re only making yourself look rather foolish.

  4. The religion of evolution is incapable of explaining the origins of the universe.

    The second law of thermodynamics holds that the universe is like a wound clock – running down. This means someone had to wind it up. It also means that the universe is not eternal, but had a beginning. The religion of evolution asserts that the universe is all that is, was, or will ever be. (Sagan, the high priest of evolutionary religion).

    The universe is expanding in all directions, which means it came from a single point – a Big Bang, not spontaneous generation from inanimate matter. And if intelligent human-beings can’t even make a brain, why do you think that natural laws would? Think about that one.

    When you see language written into the cell, there is a language author/writer. The religion of evolution plays dumb here.

    Over 120 years after Darwin, and will still haven’t a shred of evidence to support his macro-evolutionary theory. From the “goo to you via the zoo.” That’s really intelligent, isn’t it? There’s no missing link. The whole chain is missing Matt.

    Sorry Matt. Too many nails in the religion of evolutions coffin. It’s over. Find a new religion or better yet, a new Relationship. Evolution is on its way out. And remember, Love…true love.

  5. And Steve C, no theory construction here. Simple epistemology. We are not alone in this Universe. Someone is looking back.

  6. And they are waving “hello.”

  7. “Evolution simply asserts that the entire cosmos is made up of nothing but matter.”

    No it doesn’t.

    “If this was the case, you would expect thousands of intermediate life forms, yet they have not been”

    Please educate yourself.

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