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Questions & Answers

I speak and write weekly @ Stones Hill Community Church. At this life-stage, I have found that it is best if I give my best “one-shot” answer to questions that are asked of me and not get bogged down with intense blogging questions (as I did in the past). Of course, I’ve written on about every topic that atheists usually like to discuss, so please feel free to browse my archives.

I have a quick in-and-out blog that I use for these quick one-shot questions that pertain to topics I currently speak on.

Go here to ask questions:  Comments on my answers are not available at this site, but feel free to meet with me on Sunday mornings @ 8:45 AM in my office at Stone’s Hill for live dialog and question-answer discussion group.

Stay on the journey. And one other thing, you can remain anonymous at the tumblr site. I use this because sometimes I field questions from people “on-the-fly” during my presentation – live. It allows me to view and respond to these question quickly.


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