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My Apology

A – pol – o – gize
1.To make excuse for or regretful acknowledgment of a fault or offense (Yahoo Dictionary)

Christians have not been very loving and kind. I apologize for the Crusades. I apologize for the Inquisition. I apologize for neglecting the poor and lonely. I apologize for “Christian” parents who have abandoned their children. I apologize for television evangelist. I apologize for gospel tracts left on tables in place of a tip. I apologize for self-righteous churches. I apologize for nasty letters written in “God’s behalf.” I apologize for all those who have felt like somone’s “project”. I apologize for homophobia. I apologize for posing and faking and pretending and speaking “Christianeze” in order to hide behind my falsehood. I apologize for politicians who can never present the simple truth. I apologize for the media for distorting information to represent a bias. I apologize for lofty and distant bully pulpits. I apologize for “doing church” rather than “being the church.” I apologize for selfishness and greed and debt. I apologize for self-centeredness and me-firstism – for not speaking in your behalf. I apologize for consuming rather than serving. I apologize for apathy about things that should matter: like life, and clean water, and feeding the hungry, and enfolding the lonely in community. I apologize for excluding voices that should have been heard. I apologize for not appreciating your art, enjoying your movies, reading your poetry, engaging in your politics, listening to your music, visiting your sick, interacting with your books, touching your sculptures – in a way that opens up the door for relationship. This is my apology.


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Confession and Authenticity

Confession simply means that we tell God the truth. We are willing name it. We are willing to name our failure for what it is and also to name what was going on inside us when we failed and take it to God. If you are harboring some sin – if you are keeping hidden a few secret regions of wrong – don’t expect to enjoy freedom from guilt. Secret sin cannot coexist with inner peace. Restoration can only consistently happen when I take all of my sin to God. Deep friendship with God can only come when I am completely honest with Him. Confession lets me have a close walk with God. American essayist Joseph Epstein says “We all exist on at least three levels: there is the person as he or she appears in public; the person as he or she is known to intimates, which include family and dear friends; and that person, deepest of all, who is only known to him or herself, where all the aspirations, resentments, fantasies, desires, and much else that is not ready for public knowledge reside (McKnight, The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others 68.).” Confession is simply telling God the truth about each of our levels to God.

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