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The Question For Atheists Is Not “How Do I Find God?” | The Question is “How do I Miss Him?”

While God is a hidden God and is surrounded by mystery (we will never totally understand Him – He transcends us), He also has revealed much about Himself in the world that He has made (cosmos) and in how He has made human beings with an in-built God awareness (conscience). This is what theologians call “Natural Revelation.” This in itself provides enough evidence for a reasonable belief in God and renders us without excuse.

In Romans 1:20, Paul states: “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.”

God has planted evidence of Himself throughout His creation so that we are without excuse. Even if you were a non-Jew without the Torah, according to Paul, you are totally responsible for your behavior and cannot plead ignorance of God or His ways because God has revealed Himself to us in what He has made.

Paul’s argument is this: If you looked long enough at what God has made, you would come to understand something of His beauty and nature. Glittering stars flung across a black heaven. The earth in perfect orbit around the sun – close enough to sustain life but far enough away to keep from burning up. Sculpted mountains. The earth’s crust carved into breathtaking canyons. Fish that glow in the blackest depth of the sea. A butterfly breaking free from a cacoon. The meticulously spun web of a gray spider. The growth of a child in the womb. Birth. God’s fingerprints are all over.

After all of this, how could we ever come to the conclusion that we can live life any way that we want; that there is no God; that life is all about my glory, not His. From the greatest feat of forming a beautiful cosmos out of nothing to the intricate details of the smallest little insect or cell, each act of God in creation serves as a missionary in miniature form. They are sermons without preachers; they are biblical texts without Bibles. And while general revelation is not adequate to explain the Gospel, it renders all mankind without excuse and calls for a response.

God is everywhere, yet invisible. God is a hidden God. God has given us just enough evidence so that those who want Him can have him. Those who want to reject Him can do that as well. Think about it. It’s the only way a relationship with God could not be forced. If He was here in visible form, ruling with great power, would anybody choose differently? Evil melts away in his presence. So God must hide and self-limit in order for a free-will world to be possible. The direct presence of God would inevitably overwhelm our freedom. God gives everyone the room to either choose or reject. He’s a hidden God and He will not force love.

What you will find in your spiritual journey, is that it’s not so much that you find God; He finds you. And you realize you knew Him all along, but you suppressed knowledge of Him in your life (Romans 1). So don’t so much focus on “How do I find God?” Turn it around. “How has He already found me?” He brought me to this blog. He’s communicated via the Bible (Special Revelation). He’s placed me in an intelligently designed world that operates according to natural laws. He’s used crisis, confrontation, catastrophe, and even some fantastic blessings in life, like friends, baseball, family, and a day at the beach to get my attention and to cause me to tune in to Him.

Many former atheists have come to this conclusion: “God has found me! He’s known me all along and has never lost me, even though I’ve suppressed knowing Him. If I would have just looked at things close enough, I would have seen Him looking back at me. I don’t want to suppress Him anymore. I want to see and know Him.”

“How do I find God?” you ask. I reply: “How do you miss Him?” Look closely, and the very fact that you’re looking indicates this startling reality. He already found you.



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Irreducible Complexity, Occams Razor, and the Anthropic Principle for a New Year

There are three great concepts that one needs to process when thinking about the existence of God and competitive worldviews that endeavor to answer the deeper questions of life.

Irreducible complexity is an argument made in the discussion on evolution. While there are parts of evolution that can be substantiated (by this I mean, microevolution – one type of a sparrow evolving into another type of sparrow; contrast this with macroevolution, which I totally disagree with, that one species evolves into another species), this concept says that the origin of complex organs must be explained. Some organs require a minimum number of parts to work. The infinite number of small steps necessary for these kinds of developments is not likely in a strict evolutionary system. How do you account for the complexity of the human eye? Some living mechanisms are too complext to arise by the short steps required by evolution. There are many things that evolution cannot explain. Irredicibly complex organs is one of them. This fact alone wrecks Darwinism. Before you side with a Dawkins who said that evolution makes it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist, explain irreducibly complex organs for starters, and then work from there. Evolution doesn’t know when its done. It doesn’t know that it shouldn’t turn us into whales, or crickets, or ground hogs. With far more people around today than centuries ago, you would expect some mutations, some development of more complex organs. Where are they?

Occams Razor simply states that there are a number of possible explanations for something and that one should go with the explanation that requires the fewest assumptions. Even Carl Sagan advised to go witht the hypotheses that was the simplest. The best route from point A to point B should not be a zig-zag theory. Evolutionary atheists invent a fantastically complicated set of circumstances in an attempt to explain our origins. Faith is not irrational, but offers a very clear explanation of how our universe and multiverses began. The vast majority of physicists admit a “Big Bang” that started it all, a First Cause.

Finally, the anthropic principle states that our universe was designed just right, so that we could live on planet earth. It’s as if someone “monkeyed with the physics”. It knew humans and life-forms were coming somehow. Modify the physics just slightly and we implode into the planet or explode off of it. It is precise; earth is a sanctuary of life.

We are irreducibly complex creatures, living in a world that was intelligently designed, with precise physics to sustain our survival. Faith is rational, even scientific, and yet some atheists describe it as a “mental illness”. The only thing mental about any of this is how and why human beings go to such great extremes to avoid the logical, succinct explanations offered by Christian Theism.

I agree with Dinesh D’Souza who argues that atheism is not primarily an intellectual revolt; it is a moral revolt. Atheists don’t find God invisible so much as objectionable. Like a supervisory parent, God is in the way and must be removed, discredited (using the error-filled Bible ironically enough), and He must be shown to be a “mental illness.”

How about starting out 2009 with a new worldview? You are irreducibly complex in your make-up, living in a world that is balanced on a razors edge, and playing dumb to what you know to be true is no longer the best way to answer life’s deeper questions. There’s a better way in 2009.


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Atheist – “De-invent” God

Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot

Carl Sagan suggests that there is nothing unusual about Earth, that it’s just an average, unassuming rock that’s spinning mindlessly around an unremarkable star in a run-of-the-mill galaxy – “a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark.”? If Sagan is right, we as humans have created the idea of God in order to get others to be good and conform and to limp through what otherwise is a very lonely experience. Freud and other atheists have asserted that Christians have created the idea of God because we need something that helps to explain life. God was made in the image of man. But if Freud and Sagan are wrong, could it be possible that in reality it is the non-believer (atheist) who has de-invented God because something deep inside them tells them that He already exists and that He has a claim over their life.
Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot


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A “Just Right” World – Created by a Someone

The earth is a sanctuary of life. We live on a visited planet. It’s fine-tuned for life. Earth is the only planet we know of that contains an atmosphere that can support human, animal, and plant life. The earth has all the marks of an artist hand. Our Earth is perfectly designed for life. It is “just right.” If gravity was slightly less, we would explode off the planet. If it was slightly more, we would implode into the ground. Its size and corresponding “just right” gravity force hold a thin, but not too thin, layer of gases to protect us and allow us to breathe. The Earth is also placed at a “just right” distance from the sun and the other planets in our solar system. If we were closer to the sun, we’d burn up. If we were farther away, we’d freeze. Because Earth’s orbit is nearly circular, this slightly elliptical shape means that we enjoy a quite narrow range of temperatures, which is important to life. The speed of Earth’s rotation on its axis, completing one turn every 24 hours, means that the sun warms the planet evenly. All of these values are just precisely what is needed to sustain life. Modify one of these things just slightly, and like a house of cards, our world collapses. Someone took great care in building our earth and it’s balanced on a razor’s edge. The dials are set too precisely to have been random accident. Somebody has monkeyed with the physics to make it work. I would wager to say that it’s not a “fairy.”


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Earth Is Crammed with Heaven

Eugene PetersonIn Eugene Peterson’s book Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places: A Conversation in Spiritual Theology, he tells about a lady in his church, Sister Lychen. He described her as five feet tall and shrinking. She was an older saint that lived in a small house in his neighborhood. The shades were always drawn and she never came out of her house except on Sundays. In the service, she would always stand and testify about the coming of the Lord and how she was going to witness it before she died. Eventually she died. Years later, Peterson said he imagined himself as a 10 year old again and before Sister Lychen dies. He went to her house and she invited him inside. He threw open the blinds. He then led her across the street and down a trail to a swampy place. Turtles and frogs, a nesting osprey and the downy heads of chicks just visible on the nest. In his imagination, Sister Lychen is amazed. White-tail deer leap from a tangle of cattails. The next Sunday, she stands up in worship but she doesn’t say her usual words. Instead she says “An angel visited me this week and showed me wonders I’d never seen. He said he’d come back and show me more. I’m not sure I want to leave and be with the Lord just yet.” Every Thursday, Peterson said he imagined himself going and releasing her to enjoy the world God made. And every Sunday, he imagined, no longer was a rehearsal of escape about the second coming; it was an exposition of her week. Her concluding words week after week were: “I’m not sure I want to leave quite yet.” Says Peterson: “If the blinds are drawn while we wait for Sunday, we aren’t in touch with the work that God is actually doing (71).” “…Sky and earth, plants and trees, stars and planets, fish and birds, Jersey cows and basset hounds, you and me!” If you want to know what a New Earth is going to be like, look around you! Subtract out the disease and death and you begin to get an idea. This present earth gives us a foretaste and glimpse into the New Earth. Every joy on earth is a whisper of a greater joy. The Grand Canyon, the Alps, the Amazon rain forests, the Serengeti Plain – as glorious as these are, they are all marred remnants, a shadow of what is to come. Earth is crammed with heaven. “The best things of life are souvenirs from Eden, appetizers of the New Earth.” “Just like the Garden of Eden, the New Earth will be a place of sensory delight, breathtaking beauty, satisfying relationships, and personal joy (Alcorn, Heaven: Biblical Answers to Common Questions).”

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